Who are the best poker players in NASCAR?  With the World Series of Poker in full swing, it’s time to break down the drivers and find out who has the skill to go all-in and who’s drawing dead (on the poker table.)  Who knows? If some of those bubble drivers don’t make the Chase, they might have a lot more time on their hands to work on their card tricks.


The quiet types

These men would excel at poker.  Imagine sitting across the table from Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Sr. or Bobby Labonte.  They would burn a hole through you with their stares and never show you what they have. 

Compare Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Martin has no poker face.  He is more likely to pull a quarter from behind my ear than to bluff me out of a royal flush when all he’s holding is the nuts. But Dale Sr. – I would drop my chips at the table and run away … quickly.

The jokers

These guys couldn’t help but grin at the sight of pocket aces. Immediately you’d know if Elliott Sadler or Dale Jr. was holding a high pair and you would act accordingly.  Both Wallace brothers fall into this category as well.  Rusty Wallace would not be able to stop telling you how great his hand is and Kenny Wallace wouldn’t be able to stop Twittering about it.  Fun drivers and good guys, but I imagine they lose their shirts at the table.

The thinkers
Matt Kenseth might love cats more than most men, but he’s a thinker, a numbers guy.  In the poker room, those numbers guys can beat you.  He may look unassuming with his grey shirt, trophy bookcase and Tabby cat, but he’s a killer.  Kenseth would figure out the mathematical probability for a flush and take your dinner money before you could say, "Too bad about DeWalt."
The guys that will find a way to beat you
Just like on the track, you think you’ve got them beat.  You’ve got a hot hand and the turn gave you a set of kings, but somehow these guys will find a way to beat you.  They will make that gut-shot draw and beat you. Smoke and Gordon will gut it out and win.  These fellas are good.
Some guys just have it, and some don’t.  Of course, with the money that these drivers make, they could out-bankroll most of us at the table.  In that case, just like Kasey Kahne in the picture below, we’d need to high-tail it out of town before they realized that our real name is not Abe Froman and we don’t have $50,000 to cover our bets.


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