Tuesday Morning Breakfast of Champions: Links

Unfortunately, the above photo wasn’t taken Sunday at California — if it had been, it would be an indication that there was actually some on-track action. Nevertheless, the world of NASCAR must go on, as the following stories prove. 
* ESPN.com’s David Newton takes a closer look at Dale Earnhardt Jr’s already difficult start.

* Still another observer disagrees with Jeff Gordon and suggests that the Auto Club 500 was … boring — with suggestions for how to fix things.
* According to NASCAR.com, we only need two races to certify that Matt Kenseth’s 2009 season is a rousing success.
* This NASCAR Insider doesn’t hold back in his assessment of racing in California — maybe make sure the kids are in a safe place before opening. 
* Dustin Long reads the 2009 tea leaves; shockingly, he foresees a Michael Waltrip championship.
* Still more on Kenseth; apparently, if his five-pronged attack is implemented, America can solve its vexing dilemma of childhood poverty.