‘Twas the night before NASCAR Day and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even Jack Roush.

As the people of Charlotte slept in their beds,
Several drivers and owners were up late instead.
What were they doing on NASCAR’s greatest of eves?
Were they singing and dancing or sewing up sleeves?
The drivers of NASCAR were up late indeed.

The fellas of RCR sure were quite happy,
with three lightning fast cars that had led many lappies.
But one of their drivers sat in dismay,
Kevin Harvick’s main sponsor was going away.
"Was it something I said?  Did I come on too strong?
I’m in the first place, what have I done wrong?"

While Kevin did sulk, other winners exulted.
"Hurray!" Said Shrub Busch. "In my latest win no trouble resulted."
And his teammate Denny Hamlin was also quite pleased.
"My secret to winning is a surgical knee."

While Stewart-Hass pouted, "What have we done?
This time last year we were having such fun.
Last year we were winning and leading the race,
Now one year later we can’t keep up the pace.
Is it engines or drivers or crew chiefs gone wrong?
We’re stuck in an elevator and I hate the song."

As many prepare for the big all-star race,
Several drivers who missed it wiped egg from their face.
Left out of the hoopla with too few trophies,
Edwards and Biffle and Montoya J-P,
and Burton and Bowyer and little Scott Speed.
All of these drivers were still slightly peeved,
For not winning the fan vote meant no All-Star entry.

And deep in the bunker of Hendrick Sports Motor,
Four drivers were laughing with their main promoter.
"They’ll never catch us," cackled young Jimmie Johnson.
"No one can keep up," toasted veteran Jeff Gordon.
"We make winning look easy," cheered front-man Mark Martin.

Then Dale Jr. did speak, "Say fellas,
tell me your secret, I swear I won’t share it"
Jimmie shook his head, "Dale, just grin and bear it.
For you may be handsome and quick with a grin,
but you’re allergic to winning and always have been."

Then Rick Hendrick sprang to his car with Mark, Jeff, Jimmie in tow.
The four flew away fast, their brake rotors a-glow.

But Dale heard them exclaim, as they drove out of sight.
"Merry NASCAR Day to all, and to all a good night."