Twitter Reveals A Different Side of Matt Kenseth


You can sure learn a lot about a NASCAR driver on Twitter; in fact, you may learn some things that may surprise you.

Predictably, Michael Waltrip is a funny man, and naturally, 2012 champion Brad Keselowski- he of the besotted post-race interviews when winning his titles, lets all hang out in the “Twittersphere.” What may come as a surprise to some who have bought into the stereotype, is that title contender Matt Kenseth- the butt of jokes for his quiet, even temperament- actually possesses a quick wit and will take the time, a lot of it seems, to answer fan tweets.

Check this out from his days at Jack Roush:

Who is he? I will ask him..”@Rednecktailgate: @matt_kenseth17 can I get a hello from my fav driver?”

no, and it’s not happy with me either”@alexbmx17: @matt_kenseth17 Are you happy with your car for this tomorrows race”

A change in teams and a change of fortunes has not changed the Wisconsin native.

Rough year huh? RT @taylorraee92: Going to Wisconsin to meet @mattkenseth was probably the best news I’ve gotten all year!! ☺

Ha, timing is everything
RT @ForeverMK20Fan: Finally I’m on and @mattkenseth is tweeting, that never happens!

Just had a great conversation with gbiffle and Carl. #justlikeoldtimes http:

Small fire in bus lot….it is now fully contained. Hope it didn’t melt @RCR31JeffBurton’s entire birthday cake….

Even coach got in on the fun tonight, he obviously didn’t realize kylebusch was on the track…

Not only that, by following Kenseth, you leanr the Wisconsin native has sports passions outside of racing.

Had a group at titans game over christmas
RT @63GBPackerfan: @mattkenseth Did you go last year? (cont)

Can’t wait to watch the @packers tonight! #GoPackGo

Just met one of my heros at the@brewers game tonight! #legend #uecker #jusssstabitoutside

Peanuts, i agree, very important!
RT @LuluL1985: @mattkenseth Favorite football snack? Forget driving–these are important things to know.

He also loves Metallica.

Can i pick a whole album? And justice for all…RT @Tony_Sines: @mattkenseth What is your favorite Metallica song?

Country music? Not so much:

No i don’t. RT @aclarkcountry: @mattkenseth do you listen to country music at all? Who is your fav?? Big fan right here!!

But he does have a favorite Bible verse:

Psalm 118:24…my mom said it, and lived it, every day
RT @winstead78: @mattkenseth what’s your favorite scripture?

Who knew? As we have seen in recent history, Twitter and social media, in general, can be a two-edged sword for an athlete. With that said, This rundown of Matt Kenseth’s Twitter page reveals a whole lot about the driver once nicknamed “Flatline” than many ,ay have ever imagined.