Several sources have confirmed that Activision has acquired sole license to produce NASCAR video games (goodbye Reverse Madden Curse). Beginning next year with NASCAR 11, the first dedicated NASCAR racing sim in two years, Activision will roll out a series of video games integrating America’s favorite motorsport into Activision’s video game franchises.

Activision has a slew of hot, new games combining the best of NASCAR with exciting, classic franchises. These titles will compete with Gran Turismo 5 (which drops in early November and includes sweet NASCAR cars and tracks).

Call of Duty: Talladega

In this first-person shooter, you wake up on race day in the infield of Talladega with a killer hangover and without any clothes. Armed only with a Dale Jarrett beer cozy, your objective is find your buddies and your RV. Along the way you will battle rabid Dale Jr. fans, a super-buff Carl Edwards and burly pit crewmen. Can you get back to your boys without running into Johnny Lawman, Track Officials or that big dude whose girlfriend you drunkenly hit on?
Guitar Hero: Kyle Busch Edition
There is only only button: Busch Smash

Pitfall Bowyer

What started as a simple trip to Victory Lane turns into an epic adventure as you swashbuckle your way through a jungle of Post-Race Inspectors, NASCAR Officials and Alligator moats. You are Pitfall Bowyer. This game was banned by the FCC for its violent game play, although it should be noted that the character is only armed with a knife that has the thickness of a quarter.  It’s not too dangerous, it’s just the thickness of a quarter. Yes, the programmers were warned several times that the knife would be inspected, but it’s only the thickness of a quarter! Too bad, it was a pretty cool game.

Doom IV: Where There’s Smoke…
Hell hath no fury like a reporter’s scorn in the latest release of DOOM, a classic first-person shooter where the player fights off demons from hell.  In the game, you are Smoke (no relation to Tony Stewart), a bad-ass driver with a temper (no relation to Tony Stewart). You have a history of animosity with reporters (still no relation to Tony Stewart). You’ve just wrecked at Dover and have to fight through hordes of reporters to make it back to your trailer. Defend yourself against these ugly, pasty reporters as they hurl question after demonic question at you. With diabolical speed, reporters chase you through all three levels of game play: trackside, press conference and NASCAR hauler. This game is not for the weak of heart.

Due to gamma radiation from their teeth whitening treatments, the Waltrip brothers have morphed into giant mutant monsters.  Now they move from track to track, smashing everything in the path. Can the mutant brothers survive the constant attack of NASCAR officials?


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