Urban Dictionary is a wonderfully vulgar Web site that defines slang words and pop culture phrases. Before Urban Dictionary, I had no idea what a "butterface" was. Now I often state confidently in conversation, "Yeah, Hilary Swank is a total butterface," even though the conversation has nothing at all to do with Hilary Swank.
Urban Dictionary: Butterface n. Girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face
I did some poking around the user-generated site today and was pumped mortified able to notice that the Urban Dictionary community has a keen interest in all things NASCAR. The site has many NASCAR haters, some supporters and a few comedians. Check out the definitions below. Unlike the real dictionary, you might just learn something.


Thumbs up = people who agree

Earnhardt is often referred to as Redneck Jesus on Urban Dictionary; this is not to be confused with NASCAR Jesus

The other 336 definitions all mentioned his rampant homosexuality

OK, here’s one:

Moving on…

No mention about mouthing off to cops?

And then Ryan Newman rams you from behind

Wait, there are more…

OK, this one is kind of funny

Two for the fans…

Information you can use…

I always wondered what that was called. Thank you,
Urban Dictionary.

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