Brian Vickers might need an IV of Red Bull today. He took home a dubious honor Sunday at the Ford 400 by finishing the worst run in Chase history.

This is the third year the Chase has involved 12 drivers. Vickers finished 723 points behind Jimmie Johnson. In 2008, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (really, he used to not stink so much) finished 12th. But Captain AMP was only 557 points behind Johnson. Denny Hamlin finished 12th in 2007, 580 points behind the new King.
Not only did Vickers make history, he shattered the record by 143 bleeping points. During the Chase, Vickers had finishes of 11, 18, 37, 29, 34, 11, 13, 26, 38 and 20.  I told you Vickers wasn’t going to win, but this is a Debbie Downer ending to a once promsing 2009.

In case you were wondering, when only ten cars made the Chase, Kurt Busch had the worst finish, down 559 points in 2005. As for the king, Jimmie Johnson finished with 6,632 points, actually down from his best total of 6,684 points in 2008. Slacker.