The Wealth of Nations

While I’m diggin’ on this guy’s borderline subversive call to NASCAR to share the love and subsidize the dedicated fan base that has made its caretakers untold millions, I’m entirely confused by this bit: 

"In good times you’ll get a lot of shiny pennies from the last couple of years. The U.S. Mint usually churns out billions of them every year because most people just throw them in a jar.

"But these days you are more likely to get worn pennies — and pennies that still have some of that shine left but were minted in the 1970s. Thirty-year-old pennies that still have mint luster have been in somebody’s jar for decades.

"When people have to raid those penny jars, times are tough."

So, help me out here, because it’s been about 25 years since I read Adam Smith’s groundbreaking text The Wealth of Nations and I apparently missed this. But, if we need any further, more definitive proof of the economic calamity in which we find ourselves, we need look no further than the relative luster of the pennies in our pocket?

Who knew?