Welcome back, Jimmy Watts!

Four weeks ago, in the immediate aftermath of Atlanta and an unfortunate, momentary lapse of reason, Jimmy Watts was used and abused, highlighted, pilloried, and then, unceremoniously left by the side of the road, a carcass, a shell, a sad casualty of a modern, unfeeling media.

Not really — but you know how we in the media love us some hyperbole! And, in truth, Watts did enjoy a few depressing moments of largely unwanted fame for chasing that tire at Atlanta. Well, his four-week suspension is at an end and he is eligible to return to the No. 47 pit crew this weekend in Phoenix.

Welcome back, Jimmy … I guess, but, well, the truth is, given the absence of drama on the circuit lately, maybe you’d consider doing something else stupid that we can write about endlessly for at least a week? Pretty please?