In case you missed it, Joey Logano’s father Tom went all angry hockey dad on Greg Biffle following the Nationwide race in Fontana. Biffle and Logano made contact last week in Kansas and again on Saturday. According to Scene Daily, "Logano’s team thought that the contact was intentional. Logano crew chief Dave Rogers said that Biffle warned the team that he would crash Logano and ended up doing it. Biffle said it was just contact from hard racing."

Logano won the race, which is usually the greatest revenge of all, but not for Tom Logano. After the race Biffle pulled up to his stop on pit road where he was greeted by Tom Logano, who ran toward the car and yelled and "gestured at him," which is code for flipping the bird.

Said Biffle, "I saw him flip me off. They have short memories. They don’t remember last week when he smashed my left front fender in. It’s all about theirselves. It’s not always about you. He was lucky that he had time to fix it. I got mine smashed in on the last run of the day (last week at Kansas). I didn’t have time to fix mine and I fell back and finished wherever I did.”

Tom Logano, right, with Joe Gibbs

NASCAR penalized Tom Logano by pulling his annual credential. He must now suffer the indignity of applying for single-event passes.

Tom Logano apologizes for run-in with Biffle (AP)