For 36 weeks, the Motor Racing Network (MRN) serves as the radio voice of NASCAR, but when the final race is run, what becomes of the MRN team? The race teams themselves have a lot of work in the off-season: pit crews return to Charlotte to tinker with car setups, some drivers take glamorous vacations while other drivers turn to modeling. Unlike their racing counterparts, the fine folks at MRN are forced to pick up odd jobs to pay the bills.

We caught up with MRN to get a look into four events they covered this off-season to earn a little extra scratch.

Off season Job #1: MRN calls the Sherman-Harris Wedding

The number one gig in the off-season for MRN is weddings. They call about 20 weddings a year between November and the start of February. Mostly they do the play-by-play for the wedding videographer. Here is an expert from their most recent wedding:

"The bride is moving down the aisle, neck and neck with the father of the bride. She is almost at the turn, let’s send it to Jerry at the alter."

"Jerry here and I’m with the groomsmen. I spoke with the Best Man minutes ago and he said the whole group is pretty hung over, but he thinks the groom is going to power through. As the groom said earlier, he’s ‘In this to win this.’"

Off-Season Job #2: MRN Working Phones at a Call Center

When the wedding work gets thin, the MRN staff will take temp work at a PC support call center. While none of the staff members has a technical degree in computer repair, they have what matters most – an authoritative voice and the ability to quickly forward the caller to someone else.

"You’ve reached Mike Bagley at phone #1 and now I’m sending you to Kurt Becker in Level 2."

"Thanks Mike, this is Kurt in Two you’re problem is too hot to handle so we’re going to three!"
"In at level 3 and this call just keeps escalating, let’s transfer this call to Eli Gold at corporate."
"Eli Gold here, I can’t take your call because I’ve got a wreck in Turn 2 of my pants. It looks like this coffee cup was hot off the corner, causing it to careen into my crotch. This hurts bad."

Off-Season Job #3: MRN passing notes in Ms. Marcum’s 7th Grade English Class

As teachers crack down on texting in school, students resort to old-school note passing. When the call center work slows down, the MRN crew pick up side jobs passing notes for the 7th graders at Ben Franklin Middle School.

"Trouble in the back of the class for Carrie Engels, we’re receiving reports that Rachel and Eliza totally think Carrie is a skank. Let’s send it to Tony Ruzzi who’s in the cafeteria with the latest."
"Tony here, I’m in the cafeteria where an eighth grade wedgie adjustment has left several sixth graders in tears. A crowd is gathering and it looks like one of the sixth graders peed his pants."

Off-Season Job #4: MRN Working the Drive-Thru window at Hardee’s

Since none of the MRN staff are trained cooks, they typically get shut down pretty quickly by the Health Department. But they are able to convey a lot of information to the drive-through customers.

"Plenty of adjustments have been made since the last Health Inspector stop. The cooking pressures have been checked and a half-turn of the temp. dial has been added to the right rear fry machine. Let’s send it to Jan Scott, who’s with the crew chief."
"Jan Scott reporting from front of house. Yesterday’s rat pizza incident has the fans talking, mostly negative things that I can’t repeat. I spoke with manager Tim Rutherford and he assured me there will be no more rat-related food items served here."