Google’s satellite mapping ability is amazing. It can show us directions to new restaurants. It can reveal what our neighborhoods look like from space. It has even blessed up with street views of prostitutes. Now it can be used for another reason – to learn more about our favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup racing teams. They say races are won and lost at the shop. So I took a closer look at the shops where each race is won and lost.

1. Home of Jeff Gordon’s No. 24 team
2. Home of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 team and Mark Martin’s No. 5 team
3. Home of Jimmie Johnson’s No. 48 team shop – camouflaged to look like a lake from space

1. Team shops
2. Empty lot where Jeff Burton’s Four-Alarm BBQ Sauce factory burned to the ground
3. Delana Harvick Twitter Team Headquarters

1. Where Denny Hamlin goes to kick and punch the air when he thinks about Brad Keselowski
2. Tom Logano’s designated "time-out" corner
3. Auditorium where Kyle Busch workshops his one-man play "Just My Lug!"

1. Carl Edwards’ personal gym
2. Team shop
3. Nothing gay

1. Paul Menard No. 98 team shop
2. Old Indian burial ground
3. Kasey Kahne team shop & after-hours dance club
4. Richard Petty’s hat building

1. Team shop
2. The four classiest strip clubs in Kannapolis, North Carolina
3. One of those half-Taco Bell, half-Pizza Hut, half-KFC dealies
4. Stewart-Hass Helmet Throwing Target Range
5. Secluded woods where malfunctioning Tony Stewart clones are buried

1. Abandoned farmhouse on outskirts of Mooresville inhabited by small family of possums

1. That’s right, a f#cking aircraft carrier!

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