What’s Next For Darrell Wallace Jr.?

Courtesy Darrell Wallace Jr.

Courtesy DarrellWallaceJr.com

Darrell Wallace Jr. made NASCAR history over the weekend, becoming the first African American driver to win a NASCAR national touring season race in more than 50 years. Making history is nice. Sustaining history is a whole different reality. Wallace Jr. is just 20. What’s next for Darrell Wallace Jr.?

Get Rushed To Sprint Cup

Nobody can accurately determine how long it will take Wallace Jr. to be ready for NASCAR’s highest tour, if he’s ever ready at all. Here’s what NASCAR fans do know.

  • Paul Menard has one career NASCAR win in 252 career starts.
  • Danica Patrick has one career win and  barely finished in the top 10 in last year’s Nationwide Series.
  • Several IRL drivers had zero experience in a stock car before getting full rides.

There is one guiding theme in all three cases. Sponsorship dollars create opportunity, ready or not. If Wallace Jr. can find sponsors, he will race in the Sprint Cup.

Become Trevor Bayne

Remember Trevor Bayne? He’s that guy who won the Daytona 500 in his second career start. In his next 42 starts, Bayne has finished better than tenth only twice. I still believe Trevor Bayne has a great career ahead of him. I’m still confident Joey Logano will figure it out. But like in many other sports, can’t miss prospects miss.

Stick To The Plan

It’s really tough for rookies to get to the Sprint Cup. The timeline for those who do is at least three years from starting in trucks and probably more.

Darrell Wallace Jr. already made history. The challenge is to make more. Wallace Jr. has the potential to transcend a sport. Time will tell how quickly that opportunity arrives.