Some of the best advice my father ever gave me was, “If you wouldn’t say it in front of your grandma, you probably shouldn’t say it in public.” Like everything else he told me, I tucked this nugget away in the “Dad’s full of crap” file until I later learned the wisdom of his words the hard way. I have discovered that I am not alone. Here are five drivers who forgot to talk like grandma was listening.

Sterling Marlin blows a @#$!* tire

Okay, so that wasn’t that bad, but just wait. This list goes from mild to wild.

We’re number two!

Five grand in the Swear Jar, Kurt!

Fire is an F word

Listen for the King to drop the f-bomb at about the 0:39 mark.

I learned it from you, dad!


Walk it off!

Not sure if this was on live TV or not, but it’s funny enough that it doesn’t matter.

These videos are just a small sample of the various flubs drivers and crew members have made on live TV. Here’s a link that will take you to an exhaustive collection on YouTube. This YouTuber, known only as “friskycurtain,” has assembled the ultimate collection of verbal motorsports oopsies.