NASCAR’s top series gets the week off and many drivers pack up the RV and take a vacation. It’s the perfect time for a relaxing vacation as the season heads into the home stretch with The Chase in sight. Rather than make waves, these drivers are going to ride them for a weekend. Here’s a look at where NASCAR’s finest go to unwind.
Kevin Harvick vacations at the Missouri-Illinois Border

On his weekend off, Kevin Harvick decided to enjoy a little road trip.  He climbed behind the wheel of a Craftsman Truck and headed to Victory Lane in the CampingWorld 200.com. Like any self-respecting man on a road trip, there were no bathroom stops and Harvick never let anyone mess with the radio. While some may argue that racing trucks isn’t much of a vacation when you’re full-time job is race car driver, out-racing Brad Keselowski and Johnny Sauter beats a trip to the beach any day.


Kasey Kahne Won’t Comment on his Vacation Plans

Team Kahne is mum on where the youngster is headed. Some have suggested Disneyland because it’s a favorite of Rick Hendrick’s, but others speculate that he’s waiting to see how much Mark Martin enjoys his vacation to determine if he’d follow Martin. The early favorite was Paris, but inside sources insist that he never had a chance to enjoy Paris.

David Reutimann Travels Home, Overshadowed by Niece

Fresh off his second Sprint Cup win, Reutimann traveled back home to Zephyrhills, Fla. David expected a lot of celebrating when he arrived with the Chicagoland trophy, but all folks could talk about was David’s teenage niece’s spelling bee win. To add insult to injury, the trophy was even a little bigger than his.

Jeff Gordon Visits Desolate Victory Lane

Gordon decided to head to a vacation spot that he hasn’t been to in a long time (48 races to be precise). He’s sure to take a lot of photos while there since he’s visited the spot just once in the last three seasons. Some folks think he doesn’t know how to get there, but teammate Jimmie Johnson is sure to lend him the road map one of these days.