Who Knew? NASCAR Is a Business!

While it will come as a shock to some, it’s impossible to ignore the subtle-but-very-real connection between the sport of stock car racing and commerce.

It’s possible, I suppose, that some will doubt me, call me a heretic, but so be it — Aristotle was ridiculed for saying the Earth was round, too. But, the next time you’re watching a post-race celebration, pay attention — you might notice Carl Edwards, for example, dropping in a quiet, understated word of thanks to his sponsors for making that day’s performance possible (frankly, if I was his mom, I’d be pissed! Hello, what about me?). 

But, there is something that helps lessen the sting of this … unseemly relationship: these guys don’t just take the money and run; they believe in every product that supports them, they are as certain of (FILL IN THE BLANK’S) ability to change your life for the better as they are that the sun rises in the east and Republicans are good for the economy.

Think I’m making that up? Nuh-uh, no way, not a chance. Just read these heartfelt words from Kyle Busch about the commemorative can being issued by one of his sponsors to celebrate his 2008 season. You just go ahead and tell me these guys aren’t true believers:

"Working with NOS on this special edition can means a lot," Busch said. "Not only will I have a great can to commemorate the amazing year we had in 2008, but NOS is taking it one step further by donating to the  Kyle Busch Foundation, which means everything to me. This can has the ability to affect many lives for the better, and I am excited to see that happen."

What he said.