This year you decided to participate in your office’s Secret Santa party to stave off the dreaded NASCAR cabin fever. You’ve got a few clues about the identity of your Secret Santa, but it’s still a mystery (like the secret location of Red Bull Racing Headquarters). So far the clues lead you to believe your office Secret Santa is actually a NASCAR driver, but which one?
Here’s a breakdown to help determine which NASCAR driver is your Secret Santa.

Have you received the following clues:

Clue #1: "My identity is easy, too easy.  So easy that you’d think it was all locked up with two clues to go."

Clue #2: "I’m not legally able to send office packages via UPS."

Clue #3: "I’m the guy whose always talking about racing cars in the break room and no one is quite sure why I where a firesuit everyday."

If so… your Secret Santa is Denny Hamlin (assuming Denny Hamlin works in your office and always wears a firesuit to work).

Have you received the following clues:

Clue #1: "I was kinda bummed when all my office supplies were appropriated by the marketing department for their winning design. I kinda thought my design was pretty good if I had a little more time to work on it."

Clue #2: "I’m the only guy in the office married to a model and I keep bringing it up in staff meetings."

Clue #3: "I think some people in this office have forgetten that I’ve won four NASCAR Championships. That’s why I keep them on my desk."

If these were your clues… your Secret Santa is Jeff Gordon.

Have you received the following clues:

Clue #1: "This was very hard for me because I’m rather indifferent to most of the activities of this office. If it doesn’t have to do with race cars, I don’t do it. And since I work in a packaging company, I don’t do much work."

Clue #2: "Your second clue is that I’m… sorry, it’s 5:01pm.  I’ll have to continue this clue in the morning."

Clue #3: "You haven’t guessed yet? What are you waiting for? It’s me, Juan Pablo!

Have you received the following clues:

Clue #1: "I feel like I’ve mellowed out since a few years ago when I kept knocking coffee out of the hand of Judy, the office gossip. "

Clue #2: "I’m the only guy in the office who gets to use his nickname as his work email address."

Clue #3: "I take 43 weeks of vacation a year so that I can race stock cars across the country. I’m only in the office for a few weeks around Christmas to collect my Christmas bonus check and eat all the brownies in the break room."

Your Secret Santa is probably … Tony Stewart