As most racing video game junkies already know, EA Sports has lost the right to create the next generation of underwhelming NASCAR video games. When the trailer for Gran Turismo 5 was released at E3 – you can watch it here – fans rejoiced. Yes, the game, release date TBD, will only be available on PS3. And yes, NASCAR is just one of the series within the game. But the graphics look awesome and it appears that Gran Turismo is finally addressing its damage physics issues.

The man who is in charge of creating the game, Japanese game designer Kazunori Yamauchi, said in a recent interview that NASCAR has been included in the forthcoming Gran Turismo 5 because the sport is so popular in North America. Yamauchi had never been to a NASCAR race before this year, when he attended the spring race in Texas. (Japanese racing draws its heritage from Europe.) Yamauchi said he was impressed with the large crowd and said NASCAR "put on a pretty good show." He liked the fan experience. Yamauchi said he sees Gran Turismo 5 as a way of introducing North America’s No. 1 racing circuit to Europe and Japan.

Why NASCAR is in Gran Turismo 5 – Watch more Funny Videos

Interview provided by GTPlanet.

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