An invitation to the White House doesn’t arrive in the mail every day, but several NASCAR drivers rebuffed Obama as if it was an invitation to Joey Logano’s birthday party. President Obama invited the 2010 Chase drivers to the White House, but four drivers (Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle and Kevin Harvick) declined citing “prior commitments”.

What prior commitments would prevent these drivers from a private meeting with the commander in chief? Even the Green Bay Packers accepted the invitation, and visiting the house of a Bears fan is considered a treasonous act in The Dairy State.

Here are the real reasons that Biffle, Edwards, Smoke and Harvick declined the Presidential invitation.

Greg Biffle’s Hitting the Gym
Biffle would prefer to travel to Washington DC, but he has been warned that his fists of fury would not clear the Secret Service’s security. Ever since Boris Said threw down the gauntlet at Watkins Glen, Biffle has been hitting the gym every day getting ready for “Biffle-geddon: Said vs. the Biff.” Greg Biffle wants to attend, but there is no where for him to "check these guns" (Biffle’s name for his biceps).

Kevin Harvick Throwing out Another First Pitch
When the single A minor league Quad Cities River Bandits call, you have to answer. Kevin Harvick will be throwing out the first pitch at a game that also includes the third annual Bandit wedding, the crowd-pleasing antics of the Zooperstars and fireworks sponsored by Lujacks Auto Plaza. Harvick said that his decision has nothing to do with his political feelings, he just really wanted to share the stage with the Zooperstars on the last weekend of the minor league season.

Carl Edwards Out-Voted By Abs
Edwards wanted to attend the event, but his Abs out voted him six to one. One of NASCAR’s little known secrets is that Carl Edwards entered into a join agreement with his Abs with regards to any public appearances (his Abs actually get 15% for all his appearance fees). It turns out his Abs have very conservative views on international trade.

Tony Stewart: "The Other Guys Used My Excuse"
Tony Stewart really wishes he would have gone first, because the other guys used all the good excuses. Rather than supply a reason, Smoke just noted that he has a private obligation. Rumors abound that Tony had promised to watch all of the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series with Ryan Newman, but those reports are unconfirmed. It’s bad taste to turn down the President of the United States and not even supply a reason for the rebuff. Even Kurt Busch recanted and agreed to go to the White House… and Obama didn’t even want to invite Busch.