The Wall Street Journal has a story today on how long it takes athletes to make $100,000. The New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez pulls in 100 large every six pitches. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger gets his every four snaps. Tigers Woods needs 11 holes. LeBron James – 21 minutes of an NBA game. Roger Federer – 28 games of tennis. Tony Stewart? The Journal reports, "Of the sports elite, Nascar’s Tony Stewart may have to work the most to pay his bills – needing to navigate the oval 124.8 times to make $100,000."
The article does not specify whether those 125 laps take place at Bristol or Talladega. Still, drivers work harder for their scratch than other elite athletes, with the possible exception of professional bowlers. Norm Duke needs 2,360 frames to make $100,000. Some would argue that it’s not really a sport if you can play it with a beer in your hand. I would argue that makes it more of a sport.


How long does it take an athlete to make $100,000? (The Wall Street Journal)

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