Brian Vickers is a winner. In his third year with an upstart team, Vickers won a race and made the Chase. Good thing he signed a new contract already, because there’s no way Brian Vickers is winning the Chase. Here’s why:

Always be closing
Alec Baldwin’s best scene as an actor also applies to racing. Teams have to close well.  In the final four races last year, Vickers finished 21st, 18th, 42nd and 32nd. Good luck taking home anything more than a ham sandwich from the team buffet with efforts like that.

Scott Speed is his teammate
Scott Speed has potential. But as a wise uncle told me, “Potential is French for you haven’t don @#$% yet.” Vickers won’t get help from any of the Hendrick cars. The Roush guys will worry about themselves. That leaves only one team to work with, which leads me to reason three why Brian Vickers won’t win the Chase.

Nobody puts Kyle Busch in a corner

Kyle Busch and Brian Vickers had the most awkward introductory lap I can ever recall. Busch is also miffed times 1,000 for not making the Chase. Seven whopping points separated Busch from Vickers. You’re telling me Busch wouldn’t do some crazy $@#% to keep people he dislikes from winning races? If the late Patrick Swayze ripped out a dude’s heart throat to settle a score in “Roadhouse,” what will Busch do to keep his rivals from winning the title he can’t compete for?

Brian Vickers has the potential to be a champion, just not this year. Nobody is winning the 2009 Chase, especially not Brian Vickers.

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