There are plenty of good things to say about Kurt Busch.  Philanthropic. Successful. 2004 NASCAR champion. While I could stroke egos a little longer, I must admit the following: Nobody is winning the 2009 Chase, especially not Kurt Busch. Here’s why:

Dude’s crew chief is banned from the building

Pat Tryson is moving to Michael Waltrip Racing, a sign Dodge must really be in the crapper.
“They want me to focus on this year’s stuff and they’ve got stuff going on at the shop for next year, so they’re going to work on that," Tryson said before Sunday’s race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "I’ll be communicating by e-mail and phones, and I’ll be in there for driver debrief on Tuesdays. Tuesday is the only day I’m welcome."

How do you win a title when your crew chief isn’t allowed in the complex?


He’s a one-man wolf pack

Drivers always say how important it is to share information. Sam Hornish Jr. is making progress, but he’s a year away.  Dave Stremme is riding The Poopcan Express. Brad Keselowski doesn’t arrive until next season. Dodge teams have always been frustrated over communication. There’s only one other team under the Dodge banner now, and it’s jumping to Ford. Busch is giving great information, but other than how to finish 25th or blow an engine in the first Chase race, what kind of info is he getting?

Fancy math
A real interesting take on the importance of top-5 finishes in the Chase was released this week. Essentially, you need to have them often, if not all the time, in order to win the title. Seven drivers have as many or more top-5 finishes than Kurt Busch. Three lead him in the standings.

Kurt Busch worked magic to qualify for the Chase. The picture above documents his quality support structure for handling success, failure and proper hydration. Good thing, because nobody is winning the 2009 Chase, especially not Kurt Busch.

Penske limits Busch crew chief’s access to team (AP)
Simply no room for error in ’09 Chase

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