When I heard that Hurricane Bill was forming in the Atlantic, I naturally assumed it was headed straight for Bristol, Tenn., site of Saturday’s Sharpie 500. You know that’s where this season is headed, right? Sometime between now and Nov. 22 a hurricane will cancel an entire race, destroy a track and float Paul Menard out to sea. (So it won’t be all bad.) We have had rain delays, rain-shortened races and races postponed by rain. Why not a hurricane? It’s the logical next step. Much like Carl Edwards, a hurricane is due. And also much like Carl Edwards, hurricanes do a lot of flips and look strong and have boring names.

Worried that I might have to sit through another two hours of ESPN attempting to fill airtime with Allen Bestwick’s forced laughter, I reached out to Knoxville WATE-TV chief meteorologist Matt Hinkin to ask him if Hurricane Bill will affect the race in Bristol. Hinkin told me that the hurricane will pass "well east" of the area – but then added an ominous "stay tuned."

According to weather.com, there is a 10 percent chance of rain in Bristol on Saturday. There was a 10 percent chance of rain last Sunday at Michigan International Speedway, too – and it rained. Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned.


For more info: National Hurricane Center and WATE-TV Knoxville

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