Win Car Driven By Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Courtesy Discover Channel

Courtesy Discover Channel

Owning a car driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr. might be the biggest dream some NASCAR fans could ever have.

That chance is closer than you think.

Diet Mountain Dew and the Discovery Channel’s ‘Fast N Loud’ TV show came up with a simple concept.

  1. Find an old Chevy Nomad, which is one of Earnhardt Jr’s favorite cars.
  2. Restore it.
  3. Paint it a color that resembles Diet Mountain Dew.
  4. Document the whole thing for a TV show.
  5. Give the car away.
  6. Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans freak out over the chance to sit in the same driver’s seat as their hero.

Fans have until October 15th to register for the contest, which they can do at the Diet Mountain Dew Facebook page or through the Discovery Channel website. All of the official contest lingo is right here.

This isn’t the first time Dale Jr. and Diet Mountain Dew have let fans have a cool driving experience. A few years ago, the #88 team let fans design a paint scheme for a race at Phoenix.