And The Wins Keep Coming

busch at indy

Forget about the Chase, forget about the racing (or what passes for racing) at Indianapolis, what fans are witnesses to right now is racing excellence. Kyle Busch is the first NASCAR Sprint Cup driver to win three races in a row since Jimmie Johnson did so in 2008, and he’s captured his eighth career weekend sweep, tops in NASCAR. Love him or loathe him- and many still do- you can’t deny the brilliance.

Think about the circumstances. The season for Kyle Busch started 11 weeks late. The comeback trail was filled with potholes for Denny Hamlin and Tony Stewart; Kyle came back like he had never been away, now with four victories in nine races for 2015.

Not only is Busch returning from injury, NASCAR is going through this truly bizarre period I call “package roulette.” This is a challenge for everyone, and yet somehow, the 18 comes out smelling like a rose.

Let us not also forget that before this run started, 2015 was looking like another of dominance for Hendrick Motorsports. Sure, Joe Gibbs Racing has not been devoid of success, but it was starting like so many others of recent vintage for JGR. One good race would be followed by  a lousy one; one or two drivers would enjoy success, while others in the Gibbs fold struggled. Kyle Busch is not alone in his success, the Gibbs organization as a whole is riding high right now.

You the fans have spoken, and Kyle Busch is obviously is not the people’s choice for champion. Hey, people can like who they like, and it doesn’t have to have anything to do with how accomplished the driver is. By the same token, winning in NASCAR’s current competitive environment- consistently- is no small accomplishment. Part of why this fan keeps tuning in is to see how long he can keep it up.