Juan Pablo Montoya wasn’t the only one who ran a little fast at The Brickyard last week. WTHR in Indianapolis followed law enforcement officials around as they arrested a slew of drunken revelers for fighting, indecent exposure, underage drinking, marijuana possession and hitting women with their cars. (Yes, that really happened.) Thank goodness it is not illegal for hot chicks to wear devil horns. 

One of the weirdest breast flashes ever happens in the video below. A woman in pink pulls up her shirt for a girl and a couple of guys, one of whom looks like he is on his way to Comic-Con (the guy on the right.) No beads? No chant? What did she stand to gain? She must be new.

Brickyard Busts – Watch more Funny Videos

Final note: I have watched this several times now and can’t help but think that cops must hate drunks. We – I have been known to do a little tailgating – are pretty obnoxious when we’re hammered. Frankly, it’s a wonder more people aren’t tazed, bro. Praise to the police for showing such heroic restraint.

Brickyard Busts (13WTHR)

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