The Sprint Cup Series has experienced quite a bit of rain this season. This Wreck of the Week serves as a reminder that precipitation does not have to kill your good time. In fact, rain can guarantee that a good time is had by all. With a little rain, a little dirt, a lot of alcohol and a few willing women, a soggy day at the races can be transformed into a wild Muddy Gras. (I just made that up.)

According to YouTuber kalamazooracing, this took place two years ago in Brooklyn, Mich., home of Michigan International Speedway.

Two chicks mud wrestle at NASCAR race – Watch more Funny Videos

In case you need enticing, or enjoy running commentary, here are my thoughts as I watched this epic battle.

:25 Hello, ladies. Good call on wearing white in the rain. I like the way you think.
:40 Why does some dude always think he has to officiate these sorts of things? He is the same guy who calls lots of fouls in pickup basketball games. I don’t like this guy.
1:03 Did she just execute an elbow drop? Nice.
1:18 Great sequence here. She forgets for a moment that she is mud wrestling, reaches out for a hand, fat-ass denies her, then he falls on his own ass. Instant karma.
1:33 The other girl has been pinned to the mud for about a minute now. Bet she is not regretting this at all. I think the guy who is wrestling her is really, actually wrestling her.
1:48 The butt-driver!
1:50 Yes, he just celebrated by trying to take her shirt off.
2:05 The second girl finally came up for air. She is not happy.
2:19 Perv.
2:44: Facebook!

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