Ever wondered what it would be like to drink seven beers at once? Of course, you have. You’re a man. You think about things like that all the time. My brothers and I like to talk about how many 5-year-olds we could take in a fight. (The Web site says 19, but I know in my heart it is more; like closer to 70.) We’re men. We think big. When a stranger hands us the business end of a drainage pipe and asks if we want to drink seven beers in a row, we don’t walk away. We man up. We swallow hard. We take the challenge. Then … we fall over.

This moment of tailgating glory was captured at the campgrounds at Talladega Superspeedway.

Dude bongs seven beers in a row – Watch more Funny Videos

Someone give that man a beer!

Oh, wait. No. Don’t.

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