Vegas and NASCAR: A Marginally More Logical Union

According to a report in the Las Vegas Review Journal, NASCAR has reached an agreement to move the annual Sprint Cup banquet from New York City to Vegas. In other words, it only took NASCAR, oh, 25 years to realize that holding the banquet in New York City was … asinine.

Go ahead, give me all the reasons why holding the banquet in NYC made sense — exposure, media capital of the world, etc., etc. Et. Cet. Er. Ah. It’s all crap. Shoe-horning NASCAR into New York is about as sensible as Obama choosing to vacation in Crawford, Texas.  

Of course, I’ll be damned if I’m getting Vegas, either — other than the fact that it’s a destination spot to an even greater extent than New York and one hell of a lot cheaper. But, do NASCAR and Vegas fit more seemlessly than NYC and NASCAR? Barely. Hello, Charlotte, N.C., is that you on line two?   

No word yet on whether NASCAR has engaged in any backdoor negotiations with the AVN Awards in order to move the porn industry’s annual awards show from January to the first week in December…


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