This Year’s Model

Revell is most likely a fairly insignificant NASCAR sponsor – at least, the company didn’t merit inclusion as a member of the “Family of Sponsors” in the 2008 media guide. Regardless, the recent news that the company famous for its model cars and airplanes will no longer produce NASCAR-sanctioned products is unfortunate.
It may well be that terms like hobbyist and model cars are anachronisms and just further proof that I’m old. Still, I think a decent argument can be made that effectively tossing aside a company like Revell is rather shortsighted.
First off, NASCAR has and will likely continue to make plenty of money for the France family – is there any point at which enough becomes enough? Being effectively poor, I wouldn’t really know, but I have a hunch that I could find financial happiness and not feel compelled to always seek more. In other words, does NASCAR really need to hold a company like Revell hostage for a bit more scratch?
Of course, NASCAR is purely a business and, as such, all about the money and, presumably, they know what they’re doing, so jettisoning Revell is probably perfectly reasonable. But, on the assumption that even 112 kids a year get turned on to the sport by virtue of that #24 DuPont Monte Carlo model grandma gave to them, the move seems rather silly – was whatever additional amount NASCAR wanted to squeeze from Revell worth even the possibility that fewer people would be exposed to the sport?