Yes, Virginia, It’s Wednesday. Here Are Your Links

Wednesday. NASCAR. The Internets. Blogs. Newspaper sites. Stories. Links to those stories. A veritable dump, if you will, of what’s interesting in the wide, wide world of stock car racing. According to me.

According to The Washington Post, about one in five homeowners owe more on their mortgage than their house is presently worth. Now, not only does this report force me to question the Post’s use of the word homeowner — shouldn’t it be homeower? — I’m further and happily reminded that this has absofreakinglutely noithing whatsofreakingever to do with NASCAR or AllLeftTurns or blog dumping. So, with that, let’s get on with the show!

* suggests that NASCAR’s 2009 test ban is likely contributing to so many teams’ early-season engine problems.
* Is there Digger love? Where’s the Digger love, dammit? According to The Daly Planet, NASCAR wants to know.
* Filed under Unshocking news of the week, no longer has Michael Waltrip ranked in its top 10.
* Is there Atlanta love? Where’s the Atlanta love, dammit? doesn’t understand why Atlanta is a tough sell.
* This season’s biggest surprise? has at least one noteworthy candidate …