You Gotta Play Hurt

Geez – Jimmie Johnson cuts a finger near the end of the 24 Hours of Daytona and you’d think Bambi had been hit by a frickin’ car or Buckwheat had been shot. Stories are written, press releases are issued, updates are provided.

Look, I get it – the three-time defending champion injures himself a few weeks before the start of what could be a historic season, it’s news. And, happily, NASCAR’s poster child is and will be fine for the upcoming season, and people need to know.
But, well, here’s the thing: I play hurt too, dammit. I haven’t wanted to say anything, but, it just so happens that I sprained the middle finger on my left hand a few weeks ago. Nothing too serious – I can still flip-off any image of former President George W. Bush that I happen to see, but, well, it hurts. And, frankly, typing 50, 60-words-per-minute day after day after day? It hasn’t been easy. But have I complained? Have I issued a release reassuring the public that I’m okay? No. No, I haven’t.
And, really, what puts more of a strain on a digit, typing or gripping a steering wheel?
No need to answer that. I think we all know … and like Jimmie, I will soldier on.