You Say ‘Kyle Busch,’ I say ‘Megan Fox’

So, I’m over at Jayski’s this morning, cranking through today’s Articles/Columns/Story/Blog Links Page. After calling my therapist to work through my disappointment at once again finding no links to ALT, I realized I was still quietly suicidal. And then it hit me …

If it weren’t for the Dale Earnhardt Jr. needs to fire his cousin stories, or the Racing at Bristol sucks stories or the Kyle Busch doesn’t suck stories, there wouldn’t be much to talk about today. Or maybe it just seems that way, but, you get the point. 

Nevertheless, I need a pick me up … a-ha! Speaking of Kyle Busch — did you know that he is running a Transformers 2 paint scheme at Infineon Raceway in June? And were you aware that the delectable Megan Fox is starring in this sure-to-be classic? 

I can’t quite wrap my fingers around why it is she makes me feel better, but, she does … you’re welcome.