OK. Let’s be clear. At the end of Sunday’s race at Talladega, Kyle Busch did not start his cool-down lap thinking, "I am definitely going to spin out winner Brad Keselowski." But you have to wonder about the series of events that put Busch in a position to do so.

  • First Busch accelerated toward Keselowski and Dale Earnhardt Jr. while the two friends celebrated. We know that Busch is not there to fist-bump Junior or his buddy. So why did Busch encroach on their victorious cool-down lap?
  • Then Busch made no attempt to swerve when Keselowski came at him. Remember that these drivers ride inches off each other’s bumpers at 190 mph. Suddenly Busch can’t avoid a low-speed accident?
  • Finally, Busch accelerated out of the contact, causing Keselowski to spin. It was as if Busch thought, "If you’re going to be this dumb, I will spin you out, rook."

I do not think Busch set out to do anything insidious. But given Junior’s friendship with Keselowski, you know Busch had to enjoy turning Earnhardt’s protégé during his moment of glory.

Was it just a coincidence that Busch was in a position to do so?

The incident occurs at the 4:07 mark.