Dominance In NASCAR Is A Good Thing

Harvick at Darlington

No, no stuttering here. Dominance in NASCAR is a good thing….once in a while. Am I sure about that? Yes, and here’s why.

Though he’s still among the greats, the mustard is off of Jimmie Johnson’s hot dog. He’s not through being a quality competitor, but it’s no given he’ll get that record-breaking eighth championship. He and Hendrick Motorsports have looked pretty mortal this season. That leaves something of a void.

So, follow along here, the dominance in NASCAR of Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch has established who the current greats are. Winning one race may be the result of good fortune. Maybe you’re the lead car when the rain ends a race early. Perhaps you get the needed push in a plate race. Dominance in NASCAR shows your team has its stuff together. Getting lucky is one thing, but can you get lucky five times in a season?

Fans love underdogs. Think about the folk heroism of Alan Kulwicki back in 1992; the days when Earnhardt ruled the NASCAR earth. This slightly odd, cerebral independent became a legend. It doesn’t look the same if he’s not trying to slay the dragons of The Intimidator, Million Dollar Bill, Davey and Rusty.

Doubt the point being made here? Fine. Here’s the good news regarding dominance in NASCAR: it’s fleeting. Do you remember when we were all sick of Jimmie Johnson winning all the time? No one roots for Goliath. He doesn’t rise to tht status if he doesn’t dominate for a time.

What is a sport if you don’t have someone to root AGAINST. What’s also compelling is the rivalry between Harvick and Busch. Remember this? (video). There’s no reason to believe this hasn’t changed. It could make life interesting if the current trajectory holds up. Speaking from a fan’s perspective, it’s even more amusing when it occurs between two you have no rooting interest in.