As a kid, I loved Mike Singletary. A linebacker for the Chicago Bears, the Hall of Famer had a stare that made men wet themselves. Singletary also hit harder than Carl Edwards when he sees anything that rhymes with Keselowski.Singletary currently coaches the San Francisco 49’ers, where he had one of the greatest coaching rants of all time in his very first game on the job. It is that mantra that will dig me out of my winless hole at the Food City 500 this weekend. Why? Paging Mr. Singletar ...



Three races. Three losses. Bad math for me.The only time I bet on Jimmie Johnson, he lost. The two times I didn’t bet on Jimmie Johnson, he won. As a result, I'm down $150 and am glad I don't live anywhere near a place of gaming.At this point, you might think I’m ready to abandon this concept of losing fake money on race picks for the sake of entertaining you while you should be working on that Excel sheet minimized on your screen (spooky, eh?)  But like Russell Crowe in “ ...



Joe Gibbs owes me a big hug.I wrote the entire column. Had the pictures ready to send. Even tried to justify why Joey Logano had a chance of winning. Then the screen went blank.If that’s not a sign I should bolt on my initial predictions for the 2010 Shelby American in Las Vegas, I don’t know what is. For those keeping track, I’m down $100 fake dollars, having failed to pick Jimmie Johnson because I didn’t think the odds were right. Heaven forbid the Roush cars that wo ...

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